Doing Good for Others

Strengthening Our Community

Client: Ken Anderson Alliance
Deliverable: Website & Video Storytelling

We love giving back to our community and helping people grow and thrive within it. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with an organization that is committed to strengthening individuals with disabilities and empowering them to grow and experience a fulfilling life.


As with most nonprofits, the money and talent necessary to create marketing content are hard to come by. And our client was no exception. But this important organization’s website, videos, photos, and graphic design needed a refresh. And we stepped forward to help them reach both their immediate and future goals.


We worked closely with leadership to help expand and express their marketing strategy by recording various live events and creating engaging video content that captured the heart of their vision and expressed the soul of their mission. Most important, we recognized a need for their staff to be able to easily maintain and refresh their website and its content on their own, so as to keep resource costs low, while staying current.


SYNERGISTIC is their go-to marketing team.They have been able to continue to grow and hit their goals. We have been their support and guidance for future marketing strategies. We love giving back to our community and helping people grow and thrive within it.

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