Portfolio Architecture

Broadening Product Innovation

Client: CPG Health & Wellness Brand
Deliverable: Portfolio Architecture & Brand Refresh

A well known and widely loved CPG brand recognized the need to organize and broaden their innovation pipeline and refresh their brand and package design.


Over the course of several years of innovation and SKU proliferation, the ever-growing product portfolio of this family-focused brand was beginning to show the effects of numerous, conflicting design influences, causing an inconsistent brand expression. Also, leadership was craving a way to both organize current product offerings and map a strategic way forward for future innovation.


We began with a thorough audit of the entire product portfolio, including near-term pipeline additions to blue-sky innovation. Our next step was to explore both intra- and extra-category product portfolio architectures for insight and inspiration. And because this is a family brand, emotion and empathy play an important role in the brand positioning. For that reason, we chose to organize the product portfolio by meaningful, purpose-driven pillars that reflect the approachable brand character, such as relief, restoration, defense, nourishment, and growth.


This new architecture framework provided leadership with a clear, higher-order view of their entire portfolio beyond functionality and a strategic roadmap that broadened the horizon for future product development and brand stretch. The framework also drove intentional packaging design and priority of communication principles that resulted in a refreshed lineup that is a consistent, cohesive, and coherent expression of the differentiating brand equity.

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